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Communicating awareness 2.0

Buenos Aires. Argentina

“i don’t use plastic bags –thanks”

Andresa Guareschi represents a new generation of communicators, who commit their knowledge of new media for spreading a new, evolving, global awareness on social and environmental matters. / S E E +

Manto is a journey

Northwest Argentina

This brand’s name stems from a Quechua language term meaning “from the sky, from above” –a word still heard in andean villages where textile art is a means of work and permanence of their identity / S E E +

Fundación Vida Silvestre


Fundación Vida Silvestre is a referent among organizations that work for a balance between development and respect for biological diversity / S E E +

Interrupción fair trade

Neuquén. Argentina

A stakeholder community that is working to build a sustainable future through responsible consumption, sustainable development, organic farming and fair trade. / S E E +

Spirulina for rural schools

Corrientes, Argentina

Spirulina is a micro-seaweed with unique properties both to environment and human nutrition. This project explores the possibilities of this product to help meet the needs of primary school kids in misexploited rural areas / S E E +

Satori Lab

Buenos Aires. Argentina

A design lab working with recycled materials, and a challenge to think collectively and through our hands / S E E +

Avar Saracho

Belén. Catamarca. Argentina

On the path of pre-columbian traditions, the Avar Saracho family work through the whole cycle of sheep and llama handcrafted knitting. / S E E +

Redonda Creative Lab

Morro das Cores. Ceará. Nordeste Brazil

An environment conceived for the natural stimulation of creativity, built on and with a concept of social integrity / S E E +