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Today, living in harmony is a real luxury.

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Sabe la Tierra

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Gota Mineral Water

Entre Ríos. Mesopotamia. Argentina

The luxury of the most basic elements: Mineral water from the massive South American Guarani Aquifer is bottled as a premium brand / S E E +

Interrupción fair trade

Neuquén. Argentina

A stakeholder community that is working to build a sustainable future through responsible consumption, sustainable development, organic farming and fair trade. / S E E +

Spirulina for rural schools

Corrientes, Argentina

Spirulina is a micro-seaweed with unique properties both to environment and human nutrition. This project explores the possibilities of this product to help meet the needs of primary school kids in misexploited rural areas / S E E +


Carmelo. Uruguay

Simple, natural and organic life surrounds us in this ranch. Fresh and homemade products grown in the fields nearby are offered to the traveler. / S E E +

Bodega Fernando Dupont

Maimara. Jujuy. Argentina

This winery relies on the most organic and traditional approach to obtain fine wines from the heights in one of Argentina’s northwestern natural oasis / S E E +