Today, living in harmony is a real luxury.

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1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair edition 2012

What is for you you the future of Luxury?

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Pousada Pinciguaba

Paraty, Brasil


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Sabe la Tierra

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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HOLI Festival of colors


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Unmissable: 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair

Palais de Tokyo, Paris, May 2O1O

Both a trade show and an art exhibition, 1.618 Paris is the first annual rendez-vous of Sustainable Luxury, supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the WWF. / S E E +

Communicating awareness 2.0

Buenos Aires. Argentina

“i don’t use plastic bags –thanks”

Andresa Guareschi represents a new generation of communicators, who commit their knowledge of new media for spreading a new, evolving, global awareness on social and environmental matters. / S E E +

Dead Forest by Charly Nijensohn: the work in progress

Balbina Dam. Amazonas. Brazil

Dead Forest sets off to capture a series of images in a tragic landscape.
One of the most distorted landscapes by human action, the Balbina Dam is a political and metaphysical statement by itself: a manifesto about our own failures / S E E +

Marco Bevolo and the next luxuries

Netherlands / Italy

Image Copyright: Keiko Goto, The Netherlands

Design researcher and corporate maverick Marco Bevolo states in his book Premium by Design: How to Develop and Market High End Products, that in times of economic downturn luxury will become, more than ever, synonymous with focus on people and the experience of essentials / S E E +

Cabinet de lecture

Paris. France

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