Manto is a journey

Northwest Argentina

This brand’s name stems from a Quechua language term meaning “from the sky, from above” –a word still heard in andean villages where textile art is a means of work and permanence of their identity

Diana Dai Chee Chaug + Clara de la Torre

Please describe what you do:
MANTO (Cloak- woven fabric) are the threads that connect us, MANTO is woven in the hills. We gather, creating a fertile social, cultural, artistic and commercial link between the weavers of the andean culture of northern Argentina and city dwellers all over the world. We contribute to the knowledge and spreading of unknown work methods and lifestyles, paying respect to their cycles and their connection with nature. We design products that represent this feeling.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
The whole itinerary. Manto is a journey.

What is your inspiration?
The City, nature, and its contrasts. Colour, in all its vibrations and rhythms.

More videos in Luxe Essentiel youtube channel (1) (2)


How would you define luxury today? (or) What is, to you, the essence of luxury today?
Conscience. Love. Nature.

Eco-awareness is growing as is social consciousness and the need to be responsible towards our world and its people. What part do you play in this global mission?
We recycle. We respect natural cycles and timing. We value natural and handcraft work.

When and how did your project originate? 
The Project started by the end of 2002, inspired by journeys to the Argentinean Northwestern region that connected us to a different culture and way of living.

What continues to be your vision for this project? 
To grow. To show it to the World. And also to continue paying respect to our values and beliefs.

How are your creativity and passion an important part of this project?
They are essential.

If you were to choose a colour and an adjective to describe it, what would they be?
We choose all colours… Blue for its depth. Red for its intensity. Colours generate different vibrations, thay are all necessary to express ourselves.

What is the message you wish to pass on? 
Let’s integrate. Let’s respect. Let’s enjoy.

Name a person or place that has inspired you with their progressive vision.
Northwestern Argentinean region: The spirit of the land.


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