About the COLOR Creative Guide

LUXE ESSENTIEL is a brand new editorial concept published by the global creative communication agency, co-nekt (more).

A new way of looking at our planet understanding what true luxury is today.

Designed to respond to a growing trend that is influencing a new kind of lifestyle and affecting the next global generation of business.

LUXE ESSENTIEL communicate society’s need to reflect upon nature and its values by uniting creators, enterprises and brands that are involved in environmentally and socially–conscious projects

A complementary guide to all things Green and Ethical. An eclectic mix of individuals, products, experiences and organizations and/or companies that are making a difference to our world and defining new ways of experiencing luxury.

COLOR is the link to regroup those projects.

A source of inspiration for global creatives and eco-citizens alike.

LUXE ESSENTIEL  offer brands the chance to communicate their dynamic environmental or social projects and eco-friendly policies

LUXE ESSENTIEL is Colorful and ethical. Essence. Nature. Sustainable luxuries. Ongoing and future trends. Creativity. Entrepreneurship.

What’s next: The COLOR Idea Bank

We will develop a bank of ideas, harvested among our published contents plus the input of our readership, compiled in a data base updated automatically, searchable online by our subscribers, that we foresee as an essential research tool for creatives, entrepreneurs, professionals of corporate communication, and social and environmental planners.

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